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Control Technics offers complete automation equipment's from concept to commissioning of any plant..

Control Technics was established in the year 1993 as a company offering solutions in industrial drives and controls. Since its inception we have offered many solutions in drives suitable to various applications and customers needs. Our past experience in the field of drives is 17 years where we were associated with ABB Limited for variable speed drives and automation (PLC's and DCS), Instrumentations products.

We offer their drives and automation solutions with ergonomic panels both standard and custom-built to suit the application. We also offer complete solutions in Motion control systems (both PC based and axis controls) and Factory/ Process Automation with PLC's, Process Instrumentation and SCADA systems including PC workstations with UPS.

We have an excellent panel building facility. Our panelsare CPRI approved for 50kA and with Heat Run Test. We also manufacture custom-built automation, drive panels, PLC/DCS, DG synchronizing, AMF/ATS panels suitable to your application requirement. We also manufacture MCC and PCC panels for power distributions and instrumentation control panels as per plant automation and requirements.

Listed below our product range

Factory Automation

  • AC Drives / DC Drives
  • PLC (14 I/O' s to 1000 I/O' s), PLC for Electrical Panel Builders
  • Micro-DCS (Advant OCS, Freelance)
  • Step Motors and Drives
  • Servo Motors and Drives
  • PMDC Motors, AC/DC Motors
  • Soft Starters, Electronic Injection braking modules
  • ABB process Instrumentation

Process Automation / Instrumentation

SCADA Software and Software development with ABB micro DCS

  • Transmitters - Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level.
  • Sensors - Proximity, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic sensor.
  • Temperature sensors - RTD's and Thermocouple.
  • Optical Encoders - Incremental and Absolute

COMAP DG Synchronizing and AMF controller and

GAC electronic Governor systems for DG sets

  • IGNT DG Synchronizing controllers
  • IntelliGEN controllers
  • Automatic Mains Failure controllers - AMF10 / AMF25
  • ATS controller
  • Bernini BE21 / BE42 AMF controllers

In case you need any further information regarding our products and services
contact us on email at : techin@controltechnics.in

Business Partner:Mr.Girish Phatak
Telephone: +91 9322 4017 93

Business Partner:Mr.Suresh Raman
Telephone: +91 9322 6482 21

News & Announcements

  • Control Technics has in-house repairing unit in Vasai for all types of VFD's and other industrial electronic cards.

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