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AC500  |  AC800M

Scalable PLC AC500


Meets the cost-effective demands of the small PLC market whilst offering total inter-operability with the core AC500 range. A CPU integrating onboard Ethernet.

New functionalities: web server for all Ethernet versions, up to 10 I/O modules connected to the CPU, fast counter up to 50 kHz.

AC500-eCo CPUs can be locally expanded with up to 10 I/O modules (S500 and S500-eCo).

Decentral expansion via CS31 or Modbus communication

AC500-eCo: local expansion

AC 500

S500 I/O modules

S 500

Digital and analog modules can be configured to best meet customer requirements as well as offering local and/or remote expansion options using most industry standard communications protocols.

New: "Extreme Conditions" modules and an assortment of PROFINET interface modules

Scalable PLC AC500


AC500: extensive range for communication and interfaces

AC500 CPU: amazing functionality and industry-leading performance

AC500 products family

Fields of application

ABB's automation devices deliver solutions with performance and flexibility to be effectively deployed within diverse industries and applications including:

  • Water and waste water: pumping and doping in both water and waste water treatment plants, web server for remote control, High Availability and Extreme Conditions capability, data logging, scalability for small to large applications
  • Building infrastructure: High Availability, marine certifications, large network capabilities
  • Data center: HVAC, access management, High Availability, IT-protocol services including web servers
  • Solar: thermo-solar, photovoltaic, 0.0003 tracker positioning, single-click download to 1000 PLCs, string monitoring
  • Wind: turbine control, High speed, Extreme Conditions, multiple communication, data logging
  • Machinery: most applications including robotics, press automation, transfer systems, assembly quality control, tracking, high performance, Motion Control, web server, remote access, communication capabilities, scalability
  • Wireless: tools for robots, robot cell automation in automotive.


ABB's powerful flagship PLC offering a wide range of performance levels and scalability within a single, simple concept and where most competitors require multiple product ranges to deliver similar functionality. Web server integrated and IEC 60 870-5-104 remote control protocol.

New: "Extreme Conditions" modules with extended operating temperature, immunity to vibration and hazardous gases, use at high altitudes, in rainy conditions, etc

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