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ABB MV Drives

ACS 1000  |  ACS 2000

ACS 1000

ACS 1000, ACS 1000i

Medium voltage drives for speed and torque control of 315 kW up to 5 MW motors

The ACS 1000 delivers precise process control through Direct Torque Control. The low component count of the ACS 1000 makes it inherently more reliable. The ACS 1000 is retrofit-ready with a variety of flexible options you can choose according to your needs.

The ACS 1000i, the latest member of the ACS 1000 product family, uses a drive cubicle in which the input transformer, input contactor and on-board auxiliary power supply are now built-in, while maintaining the compact size of its very successful sister drive, the ACS 1000. The fully integrated drive, available with a 24-pulse rectifier for ultimate network friendliness, allows for easiest integration into existing systems (three cables in / three cables out).

Key product features:

  • Retrofit-ready for existing motors and suitable for most medium voltage applications including pumps, fans, compressors, extruders, conveyors.
  • Output sine filter for pure sinusoidal voltage and current output: standard motors, no motor derating, no voltage stress and no common mode voltages on the motor insulation.
  • Fuseless design for reliable, non-aging, maintenance-free circuit protection.
  • DTC control platform for exceptionally high torque and speed control performance.
  • Integrated or separate input transformer for highest system design flexibility.

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