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ABB MV Drives

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ACS 2000

ACS 2000

Winner of the 2010 Frost & Sullivan European Medium Voltage Drives New Product Innovation Award

The ACS 2000 general purpose drive provides simple and reliable motor control for a wide range of applications. It is designed for high reliability, easy installation and fast commissioning reducing the total cost of ownership. It can be retrofitted to control standard induction motors via a direct connection to a 4.0 - 6.9 kV line supplies (direct-to-line). Alternatively, it is available with in integrated transformer or for connection to a simple two-winding input isolation transformer to allow for flexible line side supply voltages.

Key features:

  • Suitable for use with or without an input isolation transformer
  • Direct-to-line connection (transformerless) provides lowest cost of ownership
  • Simple drive system integration
  • Three in - three out cabling technique for quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for new or existing induction motors
  • Modular design provides high reliability and low maintenance costs

ABB provides low harmonic and regenerative versions of the

ACS 2000.

ACS 2000, low harmonic drives

ABB's low harmonic drives offer optimal low harmonic performance which does not require any additional filtering. Line side harmonics of the ACS 2000 are compliant with all relevant standards. This avoids the need for harmonic analysis or the installation of a multi-pulse transformer, network filters or other additional equipment for harmonics reduction.

ACS 2000, regenerative drives

ACS 2000 regenerative drives provide enhanced active braking and power factor correction.

The AFE enables regenerative braking which allows full power flow both in motoring and generating mode. Regeneration offers significant energy savings compared to other braking methods as energy is fed back to the supply network. Regeneration is especially suitable for applications with frequent starts and stops. It allows energy efficient continuous braking of applications such as downhill conveyors or expanders in gas pipelines.

The AFE can also provide reactive power (VAR) compensation. With VAR compensation, the voltage level can be controlled to stay within tight limits. A smooth network voltage profile can be maintained and reactive power penalties can be avoided

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